Penguins IP-analyzer, v0.07

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10. january:
* Analyzer also supports single packet output from Network Spy

9. december:
* Added Ethernet-header-check (to use with other packet-dump-utilities)

This webpage lets you input part of an IP-packet and get it analyzed.

This page is designed for the output in ZyXEL Prestige-routers, which in menu 24.1 gives an output of the IP-packet that trigged the last call. It should be possible to cut'n'paste that packet into this form. You don't have to worry about being totally precise since returns and blank spaces automagically are removed.

(blanks, returns and other non-hexadecimal values will automatically be removed)

The data must be typed in hexadecimally, e.g.:
45 00 00 3C F6 ...


Created by Peter Brodersen - drop a comment!
Latest update: 30. june 2006
First version: 8. februrary 1999

English version: Peter Brodersen